Northern Okinawa Island, Iriomote Island

Why is it that people speak of the natural environment of the small Ryukyu Islands as being precious?

A Wondrous Forest, Yambaru Region

A Wondrous Forest, Yambaru Region

The Yambaru region. Japan's largest subtropical evergreen forest, spreads out across the northern part of Okinawa Island.
There are only a few subtropical evergreen forests in the world, and this one forms the base of Yambaru's unique ecosystem.
The Yambaru forest provides the habitat for numerous rare flora and fauna. It is called the "Wondrous Forest."

Japan’s Last Undiscovered Region Iriomote Island

日本最後の秘境 西表島

Mangroves spread in brackish waters and marshes are laid out along the coast and riversides.
If you head up into the mountainous area’s primeval forests that have lasted since time immemorial, undiscovered lands are to be found.
It is an environment where most people have never set foot. An area that still remains unknown.

The islands might be extremely small, but they have an abundance of wildlife

The Ryukyu Islands host a diverse ecosystem that includes forests,rivers, mangroves, mudflats, sandy beaches, and coral reefs.
A multitude of wildlife inhabit and grow on those islands, some of which live and grow nowhere else in the world except on one or another of those islands.
Though they may be small, the Ryukyu Islands are home to a wide variety wildlife. As such, they are quite precious on a global scale.